Bryan Lockley’s Fitness Biography

Bryan Lockley has always known that fitness and training were things that he would forever be passionate about. Starting at a young age when he began playing sports, Bryan quickly fell in love with the preparation that went into becoming a star athlete, both mentally and physically. As he got older and encountered more opportunities to follow his passion, Bryan became more and more involved with athletic teams and organizations in all aspects, from training and coaching them to playing on them as a member.bryan_lockley

When Bryan Lockley entered college, he knew that he wanted to pursue a career in fitness and athletics. To that effect, he graduated from the University of Central Florida with his Bachelor of Science in Sports and Fitness. While at school, Bryan also managed to get hands on experience when it came to training, coaching, and managing athletic teams and players. He became the manager of the school basketball team while a freshman and stayed in that position until he graduated. While he was manager, Bryan was not only in charge of taking care of the day-to-day aspects of the team. He also helped train the team by taking part in the practices and assisting the coaches whenever and however they needed him.

Bryan Lockley: Fitness

After graduation, Bryan Lockley continued on his career path as a personal trainer. He joined Champions Training Academy as a Strength and Conditioning Coach as well as the Facilities and Operations Manager. While at CTA, Bryan took on roles that were meant for both managers and trainers. He created and implemented training routines for both novice and experienced athletes as well as developing new business ideas and managing the equipment and other trainers. After CTA, Bryan moved on to join Lifestyle Family Fitness as a personal trainer. While there he was in charge of creating and running group fitness programs (in conjunction with solo personal training), as well as finding new clients, developing assessment protocols, and implementing training regimens into the lives of his clients.

While working at Lifestyle Family Fitness, Bryan Lockley was also freelancing as a personal trainer to professional athletes and people who wanted to improve their bodies and lives. Bryan trained both Brandon Meriweather (a former NFL player for the New England Patriots) and Jermaine Taylor (a NBA player for the Sacramento Kings) as well as a host of other non-celebrities including one client who lost 45 pounds in 5 months.

Currently, Bryan Lockley holds a number of certifications from training organizations around the country. He is also a Health and Fitness Specialist at the Downtown Athletic Club. Bryan conducts fitness assessments, develops exercise prescriptions, and provides training and support to anyone who is truly willing to change their lives for the better.