Is DNA a Fitness Blueprint?

Everyone knows that DNA is the genetic code for life and how people think, act, and look different than the billions of other humans who walk this earth. See as how DNA is what makes us unique, it makes sense that it could also be used to figure out how our individual bodies are unique in the ways we gain, store, and lose fat and weight. A company is claiming that by analyzing your DNA, they can give you an accurate workout and diet plan that will help you shed the weight much faster than dieting and exercising on your own. By reading your DNA, the company claims that it can figure out how your body uniquely stores and burns foods and fat and then let you know how you can maximise your weight loss efforts.

To many this might sound too good to be true. It sounds so good that some doctors and genetic counselors are urging caution when using the company due to the relatively young age of genetic testing. They are also urging caution due to the fact there are definitely unscrupulous companies out there who are looking to make fast money off of people desperate enough to pay for their services. While that might not be the case for this specific company, it is important to realize that these sorts of services aren’t monitored or overseen in any way by the FDA and there’s no way to hold them accountable for whatever information they might release. That being said, if the claims are true then it’s very possible that the diet industry has found an enemy it will never be able to lose. It also means that the fight against obesity might be forever changed.

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