Is There Going to be a $12 Fitness Band?

People use all sorts of excuses to prevent themselves from working out and making a positive, yet difficult, change to their lives. One of the major complaints people use as an excuse is how expensive the gear aimed at helping people to lose weight and get healthier costs; many existing fitness bands and exercise counters run into the hundreds of dollars. While the invention of fitness bands and the apps and programs that use them to their max potential have revolutionized home fitness and how people take control of their workouts, the cost in high enough that it prohibits all but the truly committed from giving exercise a shot and seeing the results for themselves. This sort of seemingly elitist attitude is a common complaint aimed at gyms, workout technology, and exercise programs that seem to cater towards those who are already in shape and don’t have to dig themselves out of the fitness hole they’ve dug themselves.

It seems as though these complaints, whether spoken or otherwise, have been heard and have gained ground; a company called Pivotal Living has announced that they are releasing a fitness band and app that only costs about $1 a month to use. Called the Life Tracker 1, this fitness band can do all of the things that it’s more expensive counterparts can do. While wearing it, you can keep track of how many steps you walk, how much you weigh, the quality of your sleep, and even how much water you’ve had during the day. With an accompanying app and a founder that used to work for Microsoft, Pivotal Living seems to be poised to take the fitness world by storm. By offering comparable service for a much lower price and a company that it committed to introducing this sort of technology to every home in the country, the Life Tracker 1 and Pivotal Living are looking to change the way people work out and live their lives by seamlessly integrating the two.

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