Fun Ways to Stay Active This Summer

Bryan Lockley- Fun Ways to Keep Active This Summer

In the summer months, it’s no fun being cooped up inside all day…okay, maybe if you’re a teenage boy playing video games inside all day, oblivious to the gorgeous weather, that’s fun for you. But is it healthy? Not so much.

You may associate staying fit and active with owning a gym membership and going there on a regular basis. However, when summer rolls around, you don’t necessarily have to waste away the beautiful days inside the gym. Outdoor activities are often an even better exercise than what you’d do at the gym, and a lot more fun! Rather than using the summer heat as an excuse to avoid dragging yourself to the gym or running outside, here are some fun and unconventional ways to exercise outside this summer.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is one of those activities that doesn’t even feel like working out. However, it’s a great exercise for your arm and leg muscles, as you stretch yourself to reach new heights on the climbing wall. On a hot day, going to your local rock gym is an excellent way to beat the heat, and if you go with friends or a date, you’ll forget all about the workout you’re getting.

Hiking and biking

What better way to enjoy a beautiful day than by removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of city or suburban life, and connecting with nature? Find your local trails, and pick a day to go with friends. If you’re not an experienced hiker or biker, you may start to feel some pain, but the gorgeous scenery you’ll be treated to make it all worth it.

Ropes course

Ropes courses are essentially jungle gyms for adults. It may not sound like climbing around on nets and walking across beams while strapped into a pulley system would be a great workout, but depending on the level of the course you choose, you may be called upon to lift your full body weight at some points. Don’t be fooled: ropes courses are challenging, often involving complex tasks that require you to employ your problem-solving skills and push yourself in ways you haven’t before, but that’s what makes them so much fun.

Early-morning yoga

Yoga can be a great group activity if you take a class, or you could opt for a more therapeutic solo experience. You’ll have a more refreshed start to your day if you wake up with the sun and take your workout outside. Plus, you’ll get your workout out of the way first thing and have the rest of the day to yourself.

Take a swim

When you were a kid, you probably didn’t need to be told to go swimming. Playing around with your friends in the water was one of the highlights of your summer. As an adult, it may be a little trickier convincing yourself to go to the pool if all you associate with it is swimming laps. The fun doesn’t end when you’re an adult though! There are so many ways to get a good workout in the pool, from volleyball, to paddle boarding, or even a pool game like Marco Polo with friends.

Go kayaking

If you haven’t been kayaking before, you’ll realize right away what a workout it is for your arms, and you will definitely feel it the next day. Whatever tension you may feel in your arms, however, you’ll feel relaxed as you gently guide your kayak through the water and take in the surrounding nature.

Spend a day at the amusement park or water park

No, I’m not kidding about this one! When you think about it, you’re on your feel almost all day as you make your way from ride to ride. You can burn a ton of calories walking for several miles around the park and standing in line.

Embrace your inner child

Lastly, just have fun and you’ll get a better workout than you even know. It certainly beats staying on your couch all day watching tv or playing video games. Be a little silly and have a water gun fight or a field day competition with your friends or your kids. There’s nothing that says you have to stop having fun as an adult!

A New Generation of Frozen Meals

Bryan Lockley- Frozen Meals


I know what you must be thinking. This is a site about fitness and nutrition. He can’t possibly be advising us to eat frozen meals, can he? Well, no- not exactly. I recently switched to a plant-based diet to support my active lifestyle and I am a huge advocate for eating healthy. However, I also realize that not everyone’s lifestyle is compatible with mine. For busy people constantly on the go, it isn’t always practical to prepare fresh, all-natural meals. So popping a quick frozen meal into the microwave every now and then may be your only option. However, even with frozen meals, you do have the option to eat relatively healthy.

In general, frozen entrees are quick, easy, and convenient. You have hundreds to choose from- they take up practically a whole aisle in the grocery store! The challenge, according to WebMD, “is to find frozen meals that you enjoy, that will satisfy your hunger, and won’t sabotage your weight loss efforts.” Believe it or not, there are some pretty healthy options out there if you know what to look for. But knowing what to look for means carefully reading nutrition labels, so it will take a little effort on your part. As a general frame of reference, there are two categories of “healthy” frozen meals: light meals which are less than 300 calories and contain no more than 8 grams of fat, and regular frozen meals which are between 360-400 calories and a maximum of 25 grams of fat. Also consider the portion size of, as some brands deceitfully list the serving size as less than the entire contents of the box.

Gone are the days when frozen meal was synonymous with “TV dinner” and you knew that the picture you saw on the package was definitely not what you got. To make it easier for you, here are five picks that won’t blow your diet:


  • Evol Butternut Squash and Sage Ravioli

310 calories, 9 g fat, 4.5 g saturated fat, 650 mg sodium, 2 g fiber

This rich, hearty entree is surprisingly pretty healthy! With a creamy sauce, it will definitely be enough to satisfy your hunger and not leave you wanting more. According to Eat This, Not That it is one of the “cleanest and most wholesome pasta dishes” you can find in the freezer section. Plus, this dish delivers 14 grams of protein and a balanced mix of vegetables including kale, squash, and tomatoes.


  • Amy’s Asian Noodle Stir Fry

240 calories, 4.5 g fat, 0.5 g saturated fat, 680 mg sodium, 4 g fiber

At just 240 calories, this is the lightest option on the list, but with its zesty sauce, organic noodles, and generous serving of vegetables and tofu, it will certainly the spot. Plus, it’s suitable for just about all diets, as it’s gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, tree nut free, vegan and kosher.


  • Trader Joe’s Chicken Tandoori with Spinach

360 calories, 10 g fat, 4.5 g saturated fat, 1,210mg sodium, 4g fiber

If you don’t live near the awesomeness that is a Trader Joe’s grocery store, then I apologize for including this one on the list. At 360 calories, this is a tasty ethnic option that won’t bust your diet. It is a little sodium heavy, but this is not a bad option overall in a pinch, and with the Trader Joe’s label, you know it’s going to be good quality.


  • Kashi Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl

300 calories, 8 g fat, 440 mg sodium, 7 g fiber

This quinoa bowl will satisfy your craving for a starch to accompany your veggies without being loaded with carbs. Quinoa is the healthy alternative to rice and this dish is also a great vegetarian option because it packs in the protein (from the black beans and red quinoa) and flavor (from all the latin spices) without relying on animal products.


  • Lean Cuisine Marketplace Salmon with Basil

260 calories, 8 g fat, 2.5 g saturated fat, 680 mg sodium, 5g fiber

Containing salmon, whole wheat orzo pasta, spinach and carrots in a creamy basil sauce, this light dish does not skimp out on flavor. It offers plenty of variety to keep you satisfied and not leave you still feeling hungry.

How to Make the Most of Your Winter Workout

Bryan Lockely- Winter Workout

When the skies are gloomy and gray (and dark by the time you get out of work), the wind chills you to the bone when you step outside, and there’s a coating of snow on the ground, going to the gym is probably the last thing you want to do.The only thing that keeps you going is the reminder that you’re paying a lot of money for your membership, and if you don’t go you’re basically just throwing that money away. Even then, it’s a struggle. You count yourself lucky if you make it to the gym at least once per week.

I live in Florida, so I don’t really have this problem, but I realize it’s an issue for a lot of people. Four out of five gym memberships in America go unused, and for those that do put their memberships to use, only about half visit the gym on a regular basis of 100 times or more per year. If you’re worried your gym membership isn’t getting enough use this winter and you feel yourself letting fitness fall to the wayside while you go into hibernation mode for the season, then consider a home workout routine. All it takes is some basic equipment and a little motivation to keep active throughout the winter months. Follow these tips, suggested by, for making the most of you at-home workout and by the time spring rolls around, you’ll be feeling great! Maybe then you’ll want to renew your gym membership, or maybe you won’t even need to! It’s so simple to implement fitness into your everyday routine if you’re really serious about it.

    1. Try a workout video: There are so many great free workout videos available on YouTube, that you don’t even need to purchase a fitness DVD! Yoga is one of simplest exercises you can do from home because all it requires is a yoga mat and yourself. Check out the SaraBethYoga channel for a variety of yoga sequences ranging from beginner-level to more advanced and from 3 to 30 minutes, so her workouts are designed for all levels and schedules! For a great full-body workout, check out this 7-minute workout video, and if you’re into aerobics (think classic 80s workout routine complete with leg warmers and leotards ), then check out this fun routine: Pump It Up: The Ultimate Dance Workout 2004. It really isn’t hard to fit in some fitness when you have so many great workout routines at your disposal, and if you want to take it up a notch, try an interval workout where you mix resistance training with cardio.
    2. Use your own equipment: If you have a jump rope, a hula hoop, weights, a stability ball, or any kind of equipment, then you have a sufficient home gym! Hop on the treadmill or elliptical for 20 minutes, followed by a few minutes jumping rope or lifting weights, and that’s a great workout! There are some great workout tools out there, such as the Empower Kettlebell or a Simply Fit board that make it a breeze to get in shape from the convenience of home.
    3. Make the most of your tv time: If you really don’t want to miss your favorite tv shows, but you’re crunched for time, get out of the lounge chair for a bit and take your workout in front of the tv! Use some of those pieces of equipment mentioned above and it won’t even feel like you’re working out.
    4. Take the stairs: If you have stairs in your home or work building, then you have an easy workout routine! Simply take the stairs every day at work instead of the elevator, or run up and down the stairs in your house a few times, and you’ll start to notice results.
    5. Dance: Here’s one you probably didn’t even think about. Dancing is not only a fun thing you do in front of the mirror when no one’s looking or during a night on the town with your friends. It’s also a great way to burn some calories! Blast the music to a few of your favorite songs and just freestyle it, and before you know it, you’ve accomplished your daily workout.
    6. Go on a winter run: No, I’m not kidding and I’m not crazy! Even if it’s cold out and there’s snow on the ground, there’s no reason you can’t go for a quick run. Ice doesn’t usually form on the grass, so try running across a snow-covered field and take in the tranquility of your surroundings. Additionally, running in the cold burns slightly more calories than in warmer weather as your metabolic rate rises to warm your body.





Bryan’s Tips: Citrus Water

Be serious about your water.

To give hydration a kick, drink citrus water. When water has flavor, you value it more—it actually feels like you’re drinking something. In addition, synephrine, an organic compound found in the rind and juice of citrus fruits, especially tangerines and sour oranges, accelerates metabolism. Citrus has vitamin C also, which helps to boost production of growth hormone.

image of citrus water by Bryan Lockley

2 gallon dispenser, filtered water, citrus fruit, 3 quarts a day for consumption.

 Your good for days.

It’s that simple.

Fitness Bands Are Often Abandoned Within Months

As you know, I’ve been a proponent of fitness bands in the past. They are on the forefront of fitness technology and, as the price continues to drop, they seem to be poised to become even more popular than they already are. However recent studies are now pointing to a new issue in the world and business of fitness bands: they are frequently abandoned only months after being purchased and used. While this doesn’t mean that sales are going down (in fact, they’re still strong and going up), it does mean that investors are now proceeding with more caution regarding the longevity of this niche in the fitness market.

The research firm Endeavor Partners has looked at the numbers and estimates that around a third of all fitness bands are abandoned and no longer in use after only 6 months of being purchased. A health care investment fund, Rock Health, says that according to Fitbit’s regulatory filings, only half of the 20 million users registered to Fitbit were still active within the first quarter of 2015. So what does all of this mean for fitness bands in general? It means that fitness bands are failing when it comes to engaging their consumer base and making the people who their products want to continue to use said products.

This doesn’t mean that people are going to stop buying fitness bands, yet. But it does mean that every customer that buys one isn’t necessarily a repeat customer and that there is also a lack of brand loyalty when it comes to fitness bands. People who no longer use their fitness bands aren’t going to recommend to their friends and family that they should buy one. They also aren’t going to be tempted to sign up and pay for premium packages, a source of growth for many fitness band companies. Hopefully these companies can figure out a way to renew interest in their products once they’ve been purchased and the novelty wears off because if not, there are going to be even more abandoned fitness bands in the future.

If you’d like to read more, the link is here.

Fitness Streaming Might Be the Future

Technology is changing everything, even things that you thought would be immune. One of those places where we see technology having a massive impact is in the health and fitness world. There are now apps and gadgets that can help us monitor everything from what we eat, to how many calories we burn, to even how much water we drink (or should be drinking). Now, technology has invaded the world of gyms and the actual physical part of “physical fitness” and is proving that it might be doing it better. Here are 4 reasons why fitness streaming may very well be the future of exercise:

  1. It’s cheaper: Gyms are absurdly expensive and frequently rely on large numbers of inactive members to subsidize those who go regularly. Not only is there a monetary cost (frequently reaching the $100s a month region), but there is also a time cost that’s involved in ferrying yourself back and forth. Streaming a fitness routine at home cuts down on both of these, something that gyms will never ever be able to do.
  2. Time flexibility: Going to the gym or using a personal trainer means carving out a set chunk of time that can’t be moved (especially in an appointment is involved). The flexibility of streaming means that you can do a workout of any length whenever you want and have the free time. If you only have time for a 15 minute work out you can find one, do it, and then move on with your day.
  3. Easier motivation: The ability to motivate yourself is so much easier when you don’t have to even leave your home to get your sweat on. Motivating yourself to work out in the comfort of your own home will forever be easier than motivating yourself to go to the gym every time you want to exercise.
  4. Goals: Many streaming services allow you to customize and search for specific exercises that target certain muscle groups. Planning and executing your fitness routine with certain goals in mind is so much easier when you have something guiding you during every step. Unless you’re willing to shell out for a personal trainer, you won’t find this sort of thing in a gym.

These are just some of the ways technology is changing how we make ourselves healthier. This doesn’t even touch on all of the new toys and gadgets that are coming out every day either; fitness is never going to be how we remember it.

If you’d like to read more, the link is here.